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    CiTea's Surprise Package: Let Your Flavours Surprise!

    At CiTea we love surprises, and what could be better than a tea surprise package to tantalize your taste buds and let you enjoy new and exciting tea experiences. Our Surprise Package is the perfect choice for adventurous tea lovers who like to discover new flavours and be surprised.

    17 products
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    Why Choose a Surprise Package?

    Discover New Favorites

    With our Surprise Package you will be introduced to a variety of teas that you may have never tasted before. It's the ultimate way to discover new favorites and expand your tea collection.

    Excitement and Adventure

    Be surprised by the secrets that each tea surprise package hides. Opening the box and taking the first sip of a new tea is an exciting adventure that you can experience again and again.

    Perfect Gift

    Our Surprise Package is also the perfect gift for other tea lovers in your life. It shows that you care about their love for tea and are willing to surprise them with something special.

    What can you expect from our Surprise Package?

    Diversity of Flavours

    Our Surprise Packages contain a mix of different teas, ranging from black tea to green tea, herbal teas , and maybe even some exclusive blends.

    Seasonal Surprises

    We take the season into account and can include teas that perfectly suit the time of year. Think of warm, spicy teas in the fall and refreshing iced teas in the summer.

    Order Your Surprise Package

    At CiTea we understand that drinking tea is more than just a drink; it is a journey of taste and pleasure. With our Surprise Package we invite you to take that journey with us and discover new flavours