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Oolong tea


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Tea tasting

CiTea brings tea tastings to your home. Discover new green teas from China and Japan. This is the best way to discover and experience new green teas. Have…

Alishan Milky Oolong – Summer Crop

An ultra rare tea, not green, not black, not tea-ish or sweet, not like your average cup of tea at all. But oolong! And milky too! Traditionally…

Sample Service

CiTea brings the tea tasting to your home. You will have 5 different best of teas delivered. Proper tea gift to yourself or as a…

Formosa Pouchong – bio

Pouchong, also known as Bao Zhong, is a very green oolong tea from Taiwan and the most lightly oxidized of all oolongs - just 8-10% oxidation. This…

CiTea Trip – Tea Journey

Bring your teas on a holiday, or bring a holiday to your home. From Amsterdam to Paris, Madagascar and California, close your eyes and imagine yourself…

Monthly Tea Surprises

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Feel like trying new teas every month? Each box has got three surprises. Teas that are chosen to match the theme of the month, always fresh…

Dong Ding Oolong

The best oolongs are from Taiwan (formerly known as Formosa). The leaves are tightly rolled into balls which give you a fruity- sweet tea with…