Tetsubin Bamboo Bali – cast iron


Woop woop! Isn’t this the coolest tea pot ever?

The traditional model with a fresh spring green color will make this pot spot on for a tea moment with your besties.

Each motif has his own symbolic meaning which makes them a perfect gift, Bamboo represents growth and resilience.

Today they are not only collected for their intricate design but also for the fact that it will keep your tea hot for a long time. If cared for properly your Tetsubin will last for a lifetime. The enamelled innerside is easy to clean by rinsing with water.

Volume: 0,6 liter

🎁 Gratis Floral Jasmin Green cadeau bij je bestelling vanaf 50,- | 🎁 Gratis Theeproeverij cadeau (t.w.v. 27,95) vanaf 120,-
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