Together we reduce waste!

Reducing the amount of waste is one of the important points in combating climate change. In recent years, CiTea has promoted loose tea, with every cup of loose CiTea tea, one less bag is thrown away.

It's simple, use a filter or teapot for your loose tea and you are already contributing.

Our dedication

From using renewable to naturally degradable materials, CiTea works tirelessly to optimize packaging and wholeheartedly encourages the use of loose leaf tea.
With a desire for biodiversity and a healthy climate for all, we encourage you to only buy what you really need: tea!

Reducing waste is that easy

Loose tea

With a choice of 120 flavours, you will always find a tea that suits your new routine.

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Atelier Bags

Forget tea bags bags from supermarkets which microplastics dissolve in your cup of tea.

CiTea is the industry leader of sustainable tea bags; plastic-free and completely biodegradable.

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Storage caddies

Your tea is kept best stored in one of our storage tins.
Make sure you place them in a dry place away from heat, by doing so your leaves are optimally stored.

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Recognize compostability

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This year we will no longer produce plastic packaging, in the coming months all Stay-fresh pouches will be replaced with 100% renewable material packaging.

Throwing away the current packaging is even more disadvantageous, we have therefore opted for a sales policy with which we switch to 100% compostable packaging as quickly as possible.

The decomposition of compostable material is faster, which is why we recommend that you store your tea in one of our storage tins after delivery.

De Nederlandse afvalverwerking is nog niet ingericht op de juiste afvoer van composteerbare verpakking, desondanks draagt dit materiaal bij aan meer circulariteit. Composteerbare verpakking wordt vooralsnog afgevoerd met restafval.