Herbal tea

Herbal tea

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    Herbal tea

    Herbal tea is a delicious drink that is not only tasty, but also offers numerous health benefits. The spectrum of aromas and flavours of herbal teas soothes the body and mind. Tribes from all over the world drink herbal tea. Dio, the founder of CiTea, discovered this during his deployments as a marine. Herbal tea is made as a ritual in many tribes and has a unifying effect. At CiTea we bring herbal teas from all over the world to the Netherlands.

    65 products
    Franse Kamille 1
    French Camomile
    from €8,95
    Amsterdam Blend 1
    Amsterdam Blend
    from €7,95
    Ayurveda Tulsi - bio 1
    Ayurveda Tulsi
    from €6,95 Regular price €8,95 Save 22%
    Bad Weather Blend 1
    Bad Weather Blend
    from €9,95
    Baked Apple Tea 1
    Baked Apple Tea
    from €9,95
    Brazilian Mate 1
    Brazilian Mate
    from €9,95
    California Orange 1
    California Orange
    from €7,95
    Camomile Garden 1
    Camomile Garden
    from €9,95
    Cherry Love 1
    Cherry Love
    from €9,95
    Choco Chip Chai - bio 1
    Choc Chip Chai - bio
    from €9,95
    Curaçao Fruitmarket 1
    Curaçao Fruitmarket
    from €9,95
    Darjeeling second flush, Oaks estate 1
    Darjeeling Tiger Hill - first flush 2022 3
    Darjeeling Tiger Hill - first flush
    from €12,95 Regular price €16,95 Save 24%
    from €9,95
    Winter Berries 2
    Holiday Collection
    from €24,95
    Flame 1
    from €9,95
    Formosa Pouchong - bio 1
    Formosa Pouchong
    from €9,95
    Ginger Fitness 1
    Ginger Fitness
    from €9,95
    Ginger Pear - bio 1
    Ginger Pear - bio
    from €9,95
    Redberry Garden 1
    Redberry Garden
    from €9,95
    Health Boost 1
    Health Boost
    from €9,95 Regular price €44,78 Save 78%
    Chai Collectie 3
    Herbal Chai
    from €9,95
    Japan Buddha Amacha 1
    Japan Buddha Amacha
    from €19,95
    Japan Kukicha 3* 1
    Japan Kukicha 3*
    from €13,95
    Lapacho - Pau d'Arco 1
    Lapacho - Pau d'Arco
    from €4,95 Regular price €8,95 Save 45%
    Marokkaanse Munt - bio 1
    Moroccan Mint - bio
    from €9,95
    Matcha set - compleet 1
    Matcha - Superieur 1
    Matcha set - complete
    from €7,95
    Mountain Tea (Griekse Bergthee) 1
    Mountain Tea (Griekse Bergthee) 2
    Mountain Tea (Greek Mountain Tea)
    from €7,95
    Pai Mu Tan - zomerpluk 1
    Pai Mu Tan - Spring harvest
    from €7,50 Regular price €9,95 Save 25%
    Pure Mint - bio 1
    Pure Peppermint
    from €8,95
    Rhubarb Rooibos 1
    Rhubarb Rooibos
    from €9,95
    Yogi's Rooibos Chai 1
    Yogi's Rooibos Chai
    from €9,95
    Rose Garden 1
    Rose Garden
    from €11,95
    Sleep Well 1
    Sleep Well
    from €9,95
    Sold Out
    Spicy Coco & Pineapple 1
    Spicy Coco & Pineapple
    Sale price €23,95 Regular price €41,13 Save 42%
    Summer Chai 1
    Summer Chai
    from €7,50 Regular price €9,95 Save 25%
    Tropical Garden 1
    Tropical Garden
    from €9,95
    Turkish Apple - bio 1
    Turkish Apple - bio
    from €9,95
    Vanilla Rooibos 1
    Vanilla Rooibos
    from €9,95
    Verveine - bio 1
    from €8,95
    Wake Up Tea - bio 1
    Wake Up Tea
    from €9,95
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    Different varieties of herbal tea

    Herbal tea can be a valuable addition to a healthy lifestyle. These tea varieties are made from dried herbs, flowers and plants and often do not contain caffeine. There are many different types of herbal teas available, each with their own unique taste and health benefits.

    The most popular types of herbal tea are

    • Chamomile tea
      French Chamomile tea from CiTea has a calming effect and helps reduce sleep problems. The taste of chamomile tea is often slightly sweeter than the other flavours.
    • Peppermint tea
      A refreshing tea that is good for digestion. At CiTea you can find Pure Peppermint tea, for a clear feeling and fresh taste.
    • Ginger tea
      Tea with ginger has an anti-inflammatory effect and is good for digestion. At CiTea we have two varieties of ginger tea; Ginger Fitness and Ginger Pear.
    • Rooibos tea
      A caffeine-free tea for any time of the day. Rooibos is full of antioxidants. View the different types of rooibos tea from CiTea.

    How to make herbal tea

    It is very easy to make herbal tea. Bring the water to a boil and add the herbs to a filter, such as a tea infuser or tea bags. Let the tea steep for about 5 to 10 minutes, depending on the type of herbal tea and the desired strength of the tea.

    Buy herbal tea at CiTea

    There are many different types of herbal tea. Some herbal teas have a sweeter taste, while others have a sharper or floral taste.

    CiTea offers a wide range of different flavours of herbal tea. With all these different flavours to choose from, there is a herbal tea for everyone to suit their taste.

    Order your fresh tea today before 4:00 PM and we will send it to you today! For orders worth €24.95 or more you also pay no shipping costs!