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    Tea accessories you need!

    Having the right tea accessories can make drinking tea a lot more fun and enjoyable. Serving a nice cup of tea in a stylish teapot can help with this. CiTea sells beautiful, high-quality tea accessories. Whether you are looking for a storage tin, filter, teacups or a teapot; CiTea has it all!
    43 products
    Papieren theefilter bio - 100 stuks 1
    Paper tea filter - bio
    Perfect Cup of Tea Spoon 1
    Perfect Cup of Tea Spoon
    Matcha - Superieur 1
    Matcha - Superior 5*
    from €27,95
    Thee thermometer 1
    Tea thermometer
    Tea tray Havas 1
    Tea tray Havas
    Amsterdam Blend 5
    CiTea Gift Caddy - Yellow
    Mates en bombilla 1
    Mates and bombilla
    from €9,95
    Blackberry Cream 3
    CiTea Gift Caddy - black
    Theefilter Hokkaido 1
    Theefilter Hokkaido 2
    Tea filter Hokkaido
    Thee opslag glas met kurk - 6 st
    Tea storage glass
    Tea Essentials Set 1
    Amsterdam Blend 1
    Tea Essentials Set
    from €19,85
    Maatschep - Mok en pot 1
    Maatschep - Mok en pot 2
    Measuring scoop - Cup and pot
    Theezeef - RVS 1
    Tea filter - stainless steel
    Theefilter, thee ei 1
    Tea filter, mesh, stainless
    Kinto Unitea - Tea pot 1
    Kinto Unitea - Tea pot
    from €29,95
    Tea tray Morgan 1
    Tea tray Morgan 2
    Tea tray Morgan
    Sold Out
    Gietijzeren theekopje 1
    Gietijzeren theekopje
    Sale price €9,95 Regular price €14,95 Save 33%
    Theefilter Scoop and Steep 1
    Tea filter Scoop and Steep
    Matcha - PÂTISSIER 1
    Matcha - Vanille Latte
    from €14,95
    Matcha kop - Kyoto 1
    Matcha kop - Kyoto 2
    Matcha Bowl Kyoto
    Theefilter Dip no Drip 1
    Tea filter Dip no Drip
    Matcha borstel - chasen 1
    Matcha borstel - chasen 2
    Matcha whisk - chasen
    Glazen theepot met filter - Assam 1
    Glazen theepot met filter - Assam 2
    Glass tea pot with filter - Assam
    from €27,95
    Tea timer 1
    Tea timer
    Perfect Tea Set 1
    Perfect Tea Set 2
    Perfect Tea Set
    Giet ijzeren Tetsubin - Red hobnail 1
    Cast iron Tetsubin - Red hobnail
    from €21,95 Regular price €29,95 Save 27%
    Starter Set 1
    Tea Starter Set
    Giet ijzeren Tetsubin - Matcha Green hobnail 1
    Giet ijzeren Tetsubin - Matcha Green hobnail 2
    Giet ijzeren Tetsubin - Matcha Green hobnail
    Sale price €29,95 Regular price €39,95 Save 25%
    Advanced Tea Drinker Collection 1
    Advanced Tea Drinker Collection
    Gietijzeren stoof 1
    Cast iron tea pot warmer
    Tea tray Guidion 1
    Tea tray Guidion 2
    Tea tray Guidion
    Matcha bamboe lepel 1
    Matcha Chasaku Spoon - bamboo
    Theeblik China 1
    Tea tin China
    from €4,95
    Tetsubin, gietijzer - Hobnail 1
    Cast iron Tetsubin - Hobnail
    from €39,95
    Onderzetter - gietijzer 1
    Tea pot coaster - cast iron
    Theekopje Rustic 1
    Tea cup Rustic
    from €9,95
    Theepot - Vienna 1
    Tea pot - Vienna
    Giet ijzeren Tetsubin - King's Blue 1
    Cast Iron Tetsubin - King's Blue
    Theepot - Lavinia 1
    Theepot - Lavinia
    Sold Out
    Tetsubin, gietijzer - Xiamen 1
    Tetsubin Xiamen, cast iron
    Sale price €39,95 Regular price €59,95 Save 33%
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    The right teapot

    At CiTea we believe that drinking the perfect cup of tea goes beyond just using fresh ingredients in our tea. To prepare the perfect cup of tea, a good teapot is essential. Ultimately, it makes the difference between a 'good' cup of tea and a 'perfect' cup of tea. When choosing a teapot, it is important that you pay attention to a number of things. It is useful to see what materials the teapot is made of and whether the tea stays warm. Teapots are made from different materials. At CiTea we only use high-quality materials. At CiTea we have cast iron, glass and porcelain teapots. Of course, you not only want a functional teapot, but also a teapot that looks nice. The teapots can be found in different colors, including black, green, pink, red and white. The cast iron teapots are made in Japanese style, with each motif having its own meaning. The porcelain teapots are sturdy and suitable for every household. At CiTea they are simple, elegant and available in white.

    Maybe a glass teapot is something for you. A glass teapot does not release any color or taste. This teapot is easy to keep clean. Unfortunately, a glass teapot loses its heat faster. At CiTea there are beautiful glass teapots of good quality. You can even buy a glass teapot with a filter.

    Tea bags and tea filters

    If you like to drink loose tea, it is useful to use tea filters. At CiTea we sell high-quality paper tea filters with which you can make your own tea bags with loose tea. The tea filters are made of natural material and the box is made of recycled cardboard. You can also choose one of our stainless steel tea filters. Most stainless steel filters in our range can be easily cleaned by putting them in the dishwasher.

    Tea tins

    If you store tea properly, the tea will last longer. In a tea tin you store tea correctly to maintain the best taste sensation. At CiTea we sell various tea tins that ensure that your tea stays fresh longer. The tea tins are airtight and cool. This makes CiTea tea tins ideal for storing your tea for longer and maintaining its quality.

    View our extensive range of tea accessories here!