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    The perfect birthday package

    Are you looking for the perfect gift for a tea lover? Search no further! View the ideal tea gift package from CiTea, where delicious flavors come together. And remember, all packages are delivered with beautiful wrapping paper!
    19 products
    Best Of CiTea
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    Winter Collectie 1
    Winter Collectie 3
    Winter Collection
    from €24,95
    Herfst Collectie 1
    Autumn Tea Collection
    from €24,95
    Chai Collectie 1
    Black Chai 1
    Chai Tea Collection
    from €24,95
    Tea Essentials Set 1
    Amsterdam Blend 1
    Tea Essentials Set
    from €19,85
    Voorjaars Collectie 1
    Mediterranean Mix 1
    Spring Collection
    from €24,95
    Happy Healthy Collectie 1
    Happy Healthy Collectie 2
    Happy Healthy Collection
    Health Collectie 1
    Summer Chai 1
    Summer Collection
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    Wellness Collectie 1
    Wellness Collectie 2
    Wellness Tea Collection
    from €24,95
    Health Collectie 1
    Ginger Fitness 1
    Health Collection
    from €24,95
    Kick start Collectie 1
    Minty Moringa 1
    Kickstart Collection
    Calmness Collectie 1
    Ayurveda Tulsi - bio 1
    Calmness Collection
    Starter Set 1
    Tea Starter Set
    Advanced Tea Drinker Collection 1
    Advanced Tea Drinker Collection
    Starter Set (Holidays) 1
    Starter Set 1
    Starter Set (Holidays)
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    Twelve Months of CiTea 1
    Twelve Months of CiTea 2
    Twelve Months of CiTea
    Pure Kruiden Collectie 1
    Wild Rose 1
    Pure Herbs Collection
    from €36,95
    Sweet Tooth Collectie 1
    Health Boost 1
    Sweet Tooth Collectie
    from €36,95
    Wellness Collectie 6
    Wellness Collectie 2
    Tea & Herb Collection
    from €36,95
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    The contents of the ideal tea gift package

    A well-composed tea gift package contains a nice selection of teas and one or more unique tea cups. Below we go into the details of these two essential components.

    Selection of delicious teas

    To put together a truly impressive gift package, it is important to choose a variety of teas. Think of classics such as green tea, black tea and herbal tea, but also more exotic flavors such as white tea, oolong and rooibos. Make sure you choose a mix of popular flavors and new taste sensations so that the recipient can always discover something new. One of the curated collections is Best Of CiTea, Chai Collection or an ultimate gift, namely: Twelve Months of CiTea

    Stylish and unique tea cups

    In addition to the delicious types of tea, it is nice to add a stylish and unique tea cup to the gift package. This not only increases the value of the gift, but also provides a more complete tea experience. It is also nice to give a Tea Essentials Set or Advanced Tea Drinker Collection as a gift.

    Tips for choosing the perfect gift

    Choosing the perfect tea gift package can sometimes be difficult, especially if you're not sure what exactly the recipient will like. To select the best gift possible, consider the following tips: Consider the recipient's taste preferences. If you know that he or she likes a particular type of tea, make sure it is included in the package. Add any additional accessories, such as a teaspoon or tea infuser for a complete tea set.

    The benefits of giving a tea gift package

    A tea gift package is not only a tasteful and stylish gift, but also offers various benefits for both the giver and the recipient. Below are some reasons why a tea gift package is an excellent choice:

    • It is a personal and thoughtful gift, showing that you have paid attention to the recipient's preferences.
    • It is a versatile gift, suitable for various occasions such as birthdays, anniversaries , housewarmings or just as a thank you.
    • Tea is a healthy and relaxing drink, with which you contribute to the well-being of the recipient.

    With all this information you are now ready to find the perfect tea gift package. Spoil a tea lover with a selection of delicious flavors and a stylish tea cup, and show how much you care. Good luck choosing the ideal gift!