Our responsibility

Responsible and sustainable

High-quality tea sustainably packaged just tastes better

Committed to a green future

The journey of tea, from leaf to cup, is one that touches many lives. At CiTea we understand the profound impact that our business operations can have on this chain. It is our responsibility to ensure positive impact and prosperity for all stakeholders.

Our dedication


The tea you receive is packed in a social working environment, people with a distance to the labor market learn new skills in a protected environment. Working in a team at your own pace are important principles, creativity, exercises and sports are stimulated.


We put a lot of effort in responsible entrepreneurship and energy efficiency throughout the entire process.

Your parcel is delivered CO2-neutral and where possible we try to send your order as a letterbox parcel, so we make optimal use of every kilometer driven.


CiTea is the category leader in this area. We have been using paper tape to close our packaging since 2013, which makes our cardboard shipping packaging even easier to recycle.

In 2024 we will take an important step in packaging development, 96% of our teas will then be packaged in 100% compostable packaging.

Your choice for sustainability