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White Tea


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Tea tasting

CiTea brings tea tastings to your home. Discover new green teas from China and Japan. This is the best way to discover and experience new green teas. Have…

Patisserie Parisienne

A tea inspired by the famous Parisian patisseries. Imagine a small patisserie stocked with macarons, croissants, madeleines, meringues, éclairs and so on. We made you a tea…

Sample Service

CiTea brings the tea tasting to your home. You will have 5 different best of teas delivered. Proper tea gift to yourself or as a…

Princesses’ Island Silver Needles

Silver Needle white tea is the most famous white tea in the world, composed of the youngest tender buds. Our Silver Needle was picked at China's Junshan Island, a former…


Creamy smoothness overload. Let us take you to the beautiful French Provence. It's summer, lavender fields as far as the eye can see, fresh vanilla and…

Pai Mu Tan – Spring harvest

White tea, but different. New style white tea from Fujian. Very shortly oxidized and dried in the sun. This leaves the buds down covered and green…

Gorgeous Geisha

It takes years to become a geisha and with that, part of the Japanese elegant, high-culture world. During her training a modern geisha lives in a…

CiTea Trip – Tea Journey

Bring your teas on a holiday, or bring a holiday to your home. From Amsterdam to Paris, Madagascar and California, close your eyes and imagine yourself…

Spring Collection

Set of 3 teas that fit perfectly with spring season. This Collection consists of a white needle tea and two herbal teas which help you hydrate…

Monthly Tea Surprises

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Feel like trying new teas every month? Each box has got three surprises. Teas that are chosen to match the theme of the month, always fresh…

White Buds Mao Jian Superior (bio)

Prachtig gekrulde diepgroene blaadjes en glanzende zilveren knopjes met een lichtgele infusie en een lichte verfrissend zachte smaak. Selecteer ↓…